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People who know Ed Menkin know that he is not afraid of expressing himself and his point of view. On any subject. Every so often, Ed writes to the Syracuse Newspapers on various topics. Here’s a few examples of what Ed’s had to say:

Public Denied Access to Law

‘Judge bashing’ a cowardly act

At Game’s End, All Deserve A Fair Shake

The Brew at the Zoo

June 10, 1998
Letters to the Editor
Syracuse Post Standard

Dear Editors,
Excuse me, did I miss an extra credit class in civic responsibility and appropriate community values? What public relations fund raising genius cooked up the “Brew at the Zoo”?
Last time I checked, the Burnet Park Zoo was a wonderful place to bring children and enjoy the thrill of getting in touch with life beyond television. What again is the connection between ocelots & beer? And what exactly are we telling kids — especially small kids? — hey, let’s find out why bats hang upside down and gorillas are vegetarians and, by the way, don’t forget that six pack.
What a stupid & embarassing idea. If you want to see wildlife in Syracuse and drink beer at the same time, go to the Party in the Plaza. And leave the kids at home.

Edward Z. Menkin


It’s Edward Z., Not Edwin

August 17, 1994

Letters to the Editor
Syracuse Newspapers
One Clinton Square
Syracuse, New York 13202

Dear Editors:

I appreciate your printing my letters from time to time. I really do.
I really don’t mind your editing or changing some of my words or phrases even though I considered them brilliant choices when I wrote or made them up. Really, I don’t mind.
But what I do mind is having my name mistaken for “Edwin” when, last time I checked, it was “Edward”. Guys named “Edwin” wear velvet smoking jackets and silk bow ties and do not play linebacker. I’m sure there are very nice & witty guys out there named “Edwin”. I’m not one of them.
Indulge me, will you? If I’m going to suffer the jibes of my friends about my latest sounding off on your pages, please don’t add to my tsouris by calling me Edwin. (This is at least the 3rd time it’s happened.)
Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am, therefore, not only very truly yours, but

EDWARD Z. MENKIN (always was)

“Blazing Saddles” on the Family Channel:

January 19, 1998

Letters to the Editor
Syracuse Post Standard
Clinton Square
Syracuse, New York

Dear Editors:

Being an inveterate channel cruiser, I happened the other night to flick by “Blazing Saddles” on, you should pardon the expression “The Family Channel.” Right away, I realized that this was not a good mix. Believe me, I think that Blazing Saddles is a very, very funny film but the concept of Family, as in family values, does not immediately spring to mind when I think of this Mel Brooks movie.

In any case, I watched a little bit of it and was disappointed (but not surprised) that all of the profanity, as well as the sound effects of the beans at the campfire scene, were either deleted or dubbed over. This I did not especially mind — considering that this was, after all, “The Family Channel” — but it did not make for very funny or entertaining television.

What I did not also find funny or entertaining was the fact that whomever makes these kinds of “family values” decisions for the network, apparently thought it was important to delete or overdub various epithets and other inappropriate language, but to leave in — repeatedly — the word “Nigger” used liberally, frequently, and sometimes amusingly in the movie. What kind of values are these? It’s O.K. to use inflammatory and cruel racial slurs on television but we won’t stand (or sit) for flatulence? What is up with these people?

Edward Z. Menkin




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