Ed Menkin


Ed Menkin has touched many people in differing ways. Here are some of the things some very different and special people have said about him.

A Letter from Israel, 1992:

After Ed Menkin acted as Special Prosecutor in the Walid Daniel homicide case, he received the following letter from Jeries Mattar, the Palestinian brother of murder victim Ivet Daniel (May 16, 1992):
“My family and I are proud of you and of your effort to bring justice. Initially, I did not believe in the American system of justice or that Walid would pay for my sister’s death. Your determination removed all my doubts.
You should also know that because of your actions a lot of pain and anger are gone. For my family, justice has a different meaning. . . . As a result of your work we have respect for the American system.
You treated people from a foreign country with odd customs which are not understood in America as though we were family.
You and your family are a source of inspiration and self-respect for my family.”


A Note from Mary Hatch Marshall:

To My Friends in the Greater Syracuse Community,
My friend, Edward Z. Menkin, is running for the office of Onondaga County Court Judge. He is exceptionally well qualified by brains, experience in criminal law, honorable character, firmness of judgment, public spirit, breadth of mind, and compassion.
He has always set high standards for himself and he expects it of others.
I have known him for some thirty years, since he was a very young, modest graduate student in English at Syracuse University. As one of his professors, I recognized his quality then, and have been his friend ever since. I have had many occasions to recognize his personal generosity.
I was impressed by the disciplined energy and commitment with which he put himself through law school while teaching English – two full-time jobs simultaneously for three years. His public spirit has been evident in his pro bono legal help for breast cancer victims and his talks to the Thursday Morning Round Table.
His acute intelligence, fundamental seriousness, and idealism, as all his friends know, are leavened by practical shrewdness and humor – all part of his humane understanding.
I would trust him with my life. Indeed, in a small way I have done so.
This good man will make a wise and distinguished judge. I shall support him in every way I can and hope you will also.

Mary Hatch Marshall
Professor Emeritus, age 96
September, 1999
A Comment from the President of the New York State Bar Association:

“These lawyers also give tirelessly to the communities in which they live and practice. Here are just a few examples of those lawyers:
v Edward Menkin of Syracuse, a solo practitioner trial lawyer who, without charge, represents victims of breast cancer in disputes about coverage with HMOs and health insurers.
I suspect that Atticus Finch [from Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird] would very much have enjoyed the company of these lawyers and others like them.”
James C. Moore, President’s Message, New York State Bar Association Journal, July/August 1998



  • Criminal Law and Personal Injury
  • 35+ Years Experience
  • Listed, “Best Lawyers In America”
  • Rated ”A.V.” by Martindale- Hubbell
  • Over 100 Jury Trlals to Verdict
  • Former Assistant District Attomey
  • Fomer Special Prosecutor (Homicide)
  • Former Chair, 5th Judicial District Attorney
    Grievance Committee
  • Fellow, New York State Bar Association
  • Former Director, Onondaga County Bar Association